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4 Reasons Why Telemarketing Should Be Part of Your B2B Campaign Strategy

Since engaging potential leads over the phone has so many benefits, telemarketing will never lose its place in B2B lead generation campaigns. It may seem like it’s all just cold calling from a numbered list, but it’s much more than that. Talented telemarketers engage in nurturing leads, conduct pre-qualifications, and even chase opportunities to drive the closing of a high-revenue sale.

There is still no shortage of businesses that are setting up call centers or outsourcing their telemarketing efforts to highly experienced teams like Vision Strategie Marketing. Still not yet convinced? We’ll discuss four key benefits of having telemarketing that may just change your mind.

Personable and tailored

The power of telemarketing lies in its personal nature. As far as B2B lead generation is concerned, the most personal approach would have to be a salesperson directly meeting your prospect.

The next best thing and a close second is telemarketing to talk to your leads.

A human being on the other end of the line is what makes the telemarketing experience warm and inviting, and this is what makes telemarketing so effective at generating qualified leads.

A trained operator can match a person’s mood, consider the approach, and provide a customized experience. You simply can’t convey this level of personability through an email alone.

A more affordable option

There is a substantial cost difference between deploying a sales team versus deploying a telemarketing team. As you roll out a sales team, your costs can easily increase, resulting in a higher average cost per “on-boarded” customer.

You still have to pay wages for a telemarketing team, but transportation costs are nearly nonexistent since your team will be in a single location. As a result, you can make the cost of deploying a sales representative more effective since the bulk of the work can be done by phone.

Obtain measurable results

Many people like telemarketing because of the accountability and feedback system it provides. Call recordings and vital statistics around talking times help you to get a better picture of your success. With real-time data testing, you can be in a position to be efficient with the things you do, saving your business both time and money.

Real-time data when you need it

Many business owners are still choosing telemarketing as their method of B2B lead generation because it does wonders for a business. These services are personable, customizable, and deliver effective results instantly.

Easily view a lead and create an actionable strategy that drives conversions. Deliveries of this speed can’t be replicated by email, or in-person meetings, making for efficient sales and effective acquisition of leads.

At Vision Strategie Marketing, our team focuses on design services, telemarketing, social media, and much more. We have the expertise to take your B2B campaign to the next level through a wide range of effective strategies and market insight. Contact us online or by calling 1-877-655-5301 today!

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