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Nathalie Gauthier

VSM awarded the prestigious Succession and Business Transfer Excellence Award from CCIRS

Vision Strategy Marketing awarded the prestigious Succession and Business Transfer Excellence Award from the South Shore Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCIRS)

On May 25 2021, during the Dominique Rollin gala of the South Shore Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCIRS), the business-to-business marketing and tele-prospecting company Vision Stratégie Marketing was awarded the prestigious 2021 Succession and Business Transfer Excellence Award.

In collaboration with several business partners, the event aims to celebrate and promote the success of Quebec businesses that have succeeded in their succession process by ensuring not only their sustainability, but also their growth. It is therefore with great pride that the president, Nathalie Gauthier, and her vice-president, operations and finance, Alain Bouchard, won this 1st place in front of several influential players in the business world, all gathered virtually for the event. “Receiving this award confirms us that we have made the right choices and done everything right to ensure a successful future for our business. We can only be grateful to all the people who trusted us from the start,” says Nathalie Gauthier.

The two entrepreneurs offer a bilingual call center service that relies on the mobilization and high expertise of its employees who reside here in Quebec. “Even though we are competing against big national players, the company is proud to remain 100% Quebecois. For VSM, choosing to remain a local business gives us a great advantage, including the fact that we can better understand the realities of our customers and our suppliers,” says the President.

VSM is recognized as a flagship company in the Quebec local, national and international tele prospecting market. It is also one of the rare Quebec companies certified “WeConnect Intl” which represents Quebec in several activities. She adds that being a member of various women’s business networks, including RFAQ and WeConnect, gives them great credibility that can even make a difference with “major decision makers” who are increasingly looking for suppliers to help them support diversity.

Enthusiastic about the future of VSM, Nathalie and Alain plan to continue to penetrate different markets by studying new business opportunities that will present themselves in the coming years. “Our company is experiencing great successes. Since the acquisition in 2017, we have realized that our strike force lies in the stability of our employees and the customer relationship that develops with mandates which are often renewed naturally.”

At the head of the company, Nathalie makes it a point of honor to work with a team of experts who are very aware that it is important to transmit this human touch so much sought during each of the prospecting calls. “We aim to obtain qualified appointments for clients and our customers tell us that our way of doing things is a source of satisfaction and that they see a real advantage in doing business with us,” concludes the latter.

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