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Andrée DesLauriers

VSM unveils its new visual identity and new name

VSM is refreshing its visual identity to go hand in hand with its new name. The new company name, Vision Strategy Marketing will replace Vision Service Marketing.

This new visual identity aims to increase the reputation and public recognition of our brand. With a more current style, Vision Strategy Marketing is targeting growth with organizations in Quebec and Ontario. We will help customers that need support for their marketing activities that will increase their market presence, engage more closely with their customers, and uncover new business opportunities.

What does our new logo represent?
Our new logo was inspired by various elements including the upward angle, a sign of growth, ambition and strength. The color pieces symbolize a puzzle but also the strategy needed to resolve it. The rounded forms are an interpretation of the human side of our professionals who invest time and effort with our customers. VSM takes great care in accompanying and especially personalizing all our customer’s projects. Our concern for transparency and customer satisfaction is part of our DNA that aligns with the human aspect of this new brand.
Contemporary fonts, precise and understated support the seriousness of the company, the professionalism of the services offered and the know-how of a group of marketing experts.
The logo’s colors are also contemporary. Blue and turquoise colors symbolize quality, wisdom and loyalty. Pink represents charm and happiness. The last color is burgundy which is a derivative of red and directly associated with action, energy and determination.
The signature in French and English shows that our company is open to all Canadian markets by offering bilingual services.

Our goal is to have a brand that our customers can easily recognize and feel connected to. Our strategy is to provide results-driven services that integrate prospecting and digital marketing tactics to deliver value to our customers.

The progressive deployment of our new brand image has already started on the company’s website as well as on our social media channel on LinkedIn.

What do you think of our new identity?
We welcome your comments!

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